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United Tae Kwon Do Academy Programs:


Adult Tae Kwon Do classes at United Tae Kwon Do Academy will equip you with self defense techniques and peak physical fitness!


Kids ages 4-6 will love these introductory levels to Tae Kwon Do! Your young one will build confidence and learn respect!


Looking for a high-paced, fun & exciting new exercise routine? Fitness Kickboxing at United TKD is just what you need!


Want a new, challenging, martial arts system? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at United Tae Kwon Do Academy is perfect for your fitness routine!


What’s New at UTA?

United Tae Kwon Do 2016 Mid-Atlantic Championship

Welcome to United Tae Kwon Do Academy

Offering Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense & Fitness for the Whole Family!


The United Tae Kwon Do Academy of Winston Salem, North Carolina and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, offer a wide range of classes and fitness programs for the whole family. Looking for a new exercise program or a way to step up your current physical fitness routine? Try UTA!

United Tae Kwon Do will help you:

  • Achieve greater flexibility, power, endurance and balance physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Build a foundation for self confidence, respect and discipline.
  • See the results you want fast with United Tae Kwon Do’s comprehensive focus on the mind, body and spirit.